You’re in Serious Trouble now, buddy

The team that brought you All The Presidents’ Lawyers is back with Serious Trouble, an irreverent legal podcast about crimes, torts, and all the characters who find themselves in serious trouble related to them. On this show, we’ll be expanding our scope beyond presidents and their problematical lawyers, to take a look at all sorts of people who find themselves in civil or criminal peril.

We’re really excited for this new podcast format, which will feature:

  • Deeper dives into the legal issues that underlie major legal controversies, including a major defamation trial you may have read a little bit about during our hiatus,

  • More interactivity, with a comments section for discussion of every episode and more audio listener questions included in the shows, and

  • Reference notes, including links like the ones below to some of the statutes and filings we discussed in today’s episode.

When appropriate, we will talk about Donald Trump, who still faces some seriously troublesome legal issues, but this is not going to be an exclusively Trump show — there is a lot of serious trouble to go around.

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Ken White is a criminal defense attorney and civil litigator in Los Angeles. He writes about criminal justice and free speech issues.