Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
We Can Have a Little of the Warrant Application, As a Treat
We Can Have a Little of the Warrant Application, As a Treat
Amid the black bars, we find some clues about the Trump documents investigation. Plus: What's a "privilege review team"?

Dear listeners,

It’s another week of serious trouble!

This week, Ken and I talk about the unsealed application for the Mar-a-Lago warrant, such as it is — most of the juicy bits are blacked out, but we did learn some things about what the government is investigating and who does not seem to be a target.

The government says its “privilege review team” — an alternative, loser terminology for the taint team — is already done reviewing the documents from Trump’s boxes. As such, Trump’s demand for a special master to oversee that review may be moot, but we’ll know more after Judge Aileen Cannon holds a hearing about it on Thursday.

Plus, for paying subscribers: the speed with which Judge Cannon has acted on Trump’s requests has alarmed and annoyed some Trump critics. But if Trump’s objective with his motions is (as it is so often) to delay the proceedings, then her speedy responses — and her choice not to enjoin the government’s investigative activities — aren’t serving his interests so far.

And we talk about Ben Shapiro, who says he was defamed. Shapiro is on better grounds than many who cry defamation — provably false statements of fact were made about his alleged receipt of PPP loans, possibly with reckless disregard for the truth — but he stumbles at the key last step: showing he suffered quantifiable harm due to the statements.

Finally, at the very end of the paid version of the show, we have an outtake for fans of taint team talk.

You know you want to hear it.

Enjoy the show!


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