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Tucker Said It

Tucker Said It

The swear jar is back, baby

Dear listeners,

Tucker Carlson has been dismissed from Fox News. Media accounts on why he was fired differ, but the departure looks like it was, in one way or another, downstream of the lies Fox broadcast about Dominion Voting Systems and the legal proceedings that ensued — including a lawsuit from a producer for Carlson’s show, Abby Grossberg, who complains about the way Fox attorneys prepared her for her Dominion deposition and also about what she characterizes as a sexist work environment (shocking) at Fox.

Ken and I talked this week about the stresses that litigation can impose on any organization, and about what you can do when you want to fire an employee who’s also a key witness in a lawsuit you face. And we hope this result puts to bed the idea that the result of the Dominion litigation was a mere “parking” ticket for Fox — not only does the settlement eat up about half the annual profits of Fox Corporation, the network didn’t even get through the ordeal with its most prominent host intact.

Meanwhile, the civil trial over E. Jean Carroll’s rape allegation against Donald Trump has begun in New York. We talk about the opening statements, which reflect quality representation on both sides of the case, and about when a defendant should and should not show up to court.

That’s the show for free subscribers. Paying subscribers also hear about Mike Lindell, who offered up a $5 million reward to anyone who could “Prove Mike Wrong” about a trove of data purporting to show Chinese hacking to change the 2020 election result — and about how an arbitration panel has ordered him to pay up, which he didn’t want to do, even though he was proved wrong.

Paying subscribers also get an update on Hunter Biden, who’s made some dumb choices in a custody proceeding that could hurt his position vis-a-vis the ongoing criminal investigation into his finances. And you hear an expert listener’s answer to our question about Afroman, “Under the Boardwalk,” and intellectual property. We knew the RICO Hotline would come through on that one.

We hope you enjoy the episode.


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