Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
This Is Going to Ruin the Tour

This Is Going to Ruin the Tour

Judge Juan Merchan narrows the gag order on Donald Trump; Alex Jones' bankruptcy trustee considers liquidating InfoWars; a red-eyed Justin Timerblake is arrested in the Hamptons

Dear listeners,

We have a real parade of idiots on tap for you this week. Jacob Wohl, Alex Jones, Robert Menendez, Nathan Wade, Justin Timberlake… strap in, because they’re all doing shit that’s pretty stupid.

Alex Jones faces possible liquidation of his company and the shut-down of his broadcasting platform, InfoWars, as part of his personal bankruptcy due to the huge judgments he owes to Sandy Hook families. Robert Menendez is trying the “my wife, my wife!” strategy for defending a criminal case, and if he’s not convicted, a primary reason is likely to be that prosecutors weren’t able to present all the evidence against him they thought they’d be able to.

Nathan Wade didn’t do any new stupid things this week (at least, he didn’t do any new stupid things on national television) but listener Vincent did remind us that we should revoke his Senate Twink Memorial Award for Belatedly Good Judgment, which we gave him back in March when he decided not to go on “Meet the Press.” Apparently, the urge to appear on television couldn’t be resisted for long!

Jacob Wohl actually got a somewhat good appellate ruling in the Michigan case against him for trying to suppress the black vote with fraudulent robocalls — setting a somewhat narrowed definition of what’s an illegal robocall in Michigan — but it probably won’t save him on remand to the lower court that will decide whether he broke the narrower law. And Justin Timberlake, of course, got a DUI. It’s maybe even going to ruin the world tour. Timberlake refused a breathalyzer three times — Ken and I discussed when that might be a good idea, and also some possible future career options for the cop who arrested (and apparently did not recognize) him.

Oh, and then there’s Donald Trump. Judge Juan Merchan has narrowed the gag order on him from the Manhattan case, so Trump may now freely talk shit about witnesses and jurors since their jobs are done, but he’s still not allowed to badmouth court staff or DA Alvin Bragg’s employees — at least not while he awaits sentencing. And down in Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon appears disinclined to impose her own gag order in the documents case.

We hope you enjoy the episode,


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