Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
The Return of Patsy Baloney
The Return of Patsy Baloney
The former White House Counsel will sit for a 'transcribed interview.' What's that? And is Ken wrong about intent standards?

Dear listeners,

Here is the fifth episode of Serious Trouble! Ken and Josh discuss an apparent agreement for Pat Cipollone (or “Patsy Baloney,” if you ask an auto-transcription system) to talk with the January 6 committee, possibly to clarify some matters raised by Cassidy Hutchinson.

His interview will be a little complicated because of privilege issues — both attorney-client privilege and executive privilege. We look at how that might matter, and what he might say that’s of interest. We also talk about grand jury subpoenas in the Atlanta DA’s investigation, what happens when an interested third party is paying your legal expenses, and a Washington Post op-ed claiming it’s easier than people say to show Donald Trump had the requisite intent to commit certain crimes.

Is that true? We don’t think so, and we’ll address why.

An episode transcript is available here.

Other links and notes:

Did Trump believe his big lie? It’s irrelevant to proving his guilt Washington Post opinion piece by Ryan Goodman, Barb McQuade and Norm Eisen

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