Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
'Sir, this is a Hardee's, and you are served.'

'Sir, this is a Hardee's, and you are served.'

Trump lawyer Chris Kise collects a $3 million fee deposit; Trump's associates keep getting served, in one case at a drive-thru; Judge Aileen Cannon continues to frustrate the DOJ.

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If you are a lawyer, it is important to make sure you get paid for your work. This is true in general and it’s especially true if your client is someone like Donald Trump, who has very complex legal needs and a history of trying not to pay his vendors. So we weren’t surprised to see this week that attorney Chris Kise, one of the big shots on Trump’s legal team, has collected a $3 million fee deposit in preparation for what could be very extensive legal billings.

$3 million will buy a lot of legal services. But if any of the various legal matters facing the former president actually leads to indictment and trial, it still might not cover the whole bill.

On this week’s episode, we discussed how it works when multiple lawyers from different firms team up on the same criminal defense — “badly,” is the short answer — and what you should do if the FBI tries to question you at a Hardee’s.

Plus, for paying subscribers only, we have a discussion of Judge Aileen Cannon’s latest puzzling order in the lawsuit Trump brought over the search of Mar-a-Lago. She’s named a well-respected senior federal judge — Raymond Dearie — as special master, and given him a deadline of November 30 to complete his review of seized documents. But her instructions about how he should review them are vague, and her legal rationale for the scope of his review is not well-founded. We discussed the strategic options available to the Department of Justice and the likelihood that they will obtain the reprieve of her orders they are seeking from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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