Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
Shopping With Rudy

Shopping With Rudy

Rudy Giuliani gets sued twice; Mark Pomerantz takes the Fifth; Trump's legal team is fighting with itself

Dear listeners,

Is Rudy Giuliani in serious trouble? He’s facing two lawsuits. One is for getting a supermarket employee arrested. The other is… well, it’s for a lot of stuff.

Ken and I discuss the prospects for ShopRite employee Daniel Gill’s lawsuit over Rudy crying “assault” over a tap on the shoulder. Gill’s claims against the NYPD aren’t likely to go far, but Rudy could be in more trouble. As for Noelle Dunphy, she has some pretty shocking claims about several areas of alleged misconduct, and we want to see what does (or doesn’t) come out in discovery to support them.

We also talk about Mark Pomerantz — the former Manhattan prosecutor who somehow took the Fifth when House Republicans tried to question him about the investigation into Donald Trump — and John Durham, whose own prosecutorial endeavors have wound down with a fairly underwhelming report. We talk about signs of activity in the Trump documents case that are maybe being over-read in the press, and about new infighting in Trump’s legal team.

And we talk about E. Jean Carroll’s other lawsuit — the one that’s still tied up in questions about whether Trump can be sued personally for statements he made about her while he was president — and what significance that lawsuit holds now that she’s already won a multimillion dollar judgment on closely related claims.

We hope you enjoy the episode. We will be off next week, but we look forward to returning with another episode in early June.



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Remand from the Second Circuit in Carroll v. Trump.

The Durham Report

NYT: Former Prosecutor Rebuffs GOP Questions About Trump Case

Dunphy v. Giuliani
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Gill v. Giuliani
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