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Serious Trouble in San Francisco

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Serious Trouble in San Francisco

Paul Pelosi does not have a good defamation case; Rudy Giuliani faces serious trouble in a defamation case he's defending; Pokémon Go To No Closer than 75 Feet From the Polls

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This week’s episode of Serious Trouble — for premium subscribers only — starts with an update about the attack on Paul Pelosi and the legal proceedings surrounding it. David DePape faces state and federal charges, and his confession confirms the official narrative around the case: that he broke into the Pelosis’ home looking specifically for Nancy, for ideological reasons.

We discussed why Paul Pelosi doesn’t have good recourse in defamation law against the people who made up a story about Mr. DePape being a prostitute he hired. Sometimes, even when people lie about you, the courts are unlikely to do you any good.

We also talk about:

  • Trouble facing Rudy Giuliani, who faces a viable defamation lawsuit from two Georgia poll workers whom he accused of being part of a conspiracy to steal the election.

  • Dueling orders — from the same judge — on the question of what you may and may not do in what proximity to a voting location in Arizona. Faced with more specific allegations about how they were intimidating voters, Judge Michael Liburdi reversed his position on “monitoring” the group Clean Elections USA and imposed a variety of restrictions on their activities, including telling them not to yell at voters unless the voters yell first.

  • And one more speed bump on the road to House Democrats’ obtaining Donald Trump’s tax information from the IRS. Will Trump will successfully run out the clock on this issue before the current congress dissolves in January?

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Serious Trouble
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