Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
Nathan Wade Speaks (Please Stop Speaking, Nathan Wade)

Nathan Wade Speaks (Please Stop Speaking, Nathan Wade)

Steve Bannon will go to a low-security prison; DA Alvin Bragg wants to keep Trump gagged; Judge Aileen Cannon reportedly declined her colleagues' suggestion that she decline the Trump case

Dear listeners,

Nathan Wade went on CNN, and had to be stopped by his handlers mid-interview because he was about to answer a question about when he and DA Fani Willis started having sex. Then, he went on The Daily Show and said he wasn’t sleeping with his boss because Willis was never his boss, but was more like his client. Shut up, Nathan Wade! Why does he do this? Ken doesn’t know and I don’t know either.

This week, besides that debacle, Ken and I discuss Steve Bannon’s prison assignment — a low-security prison, which is much better than a maximum-security prison, but not as good as a camp, which doesn’t even exactly feel like a prison.

We talk about the Supreme Court’s 8-1 decision in U.S. v. Rahimi — a decision upholding a federal law that prohibits people from possessing guns if they are subject to a domestic violence restraining order. The Rahimi decision narrows the apparent scope of Second Amendment rights that were created by the earlier Bruen case, and that also bodes ill for Hunter Biden’s hope of getting the Supreme Court to strike down the gun law that he was convicted under.

We talk about continuing chaos in Willis’s other big RICO case — the YSL trial, where judge Ural Glanville wants to put one of the defense lawyers in jail — and we look at a news report that Judge Aileen Cannon turned down some colleagues’ polite suggestions that she might want to let a different, better judge handle the Trump documents case.

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Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
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