Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
Making Attorneys Get Attorneys

Making Attorneys Get Attorneys

Trump's lawyers confront legal risks of their own; Hunter Biden should fear indictment; It's really hard to slander someone by calling them 'Hitler'; Ken discusses venue.

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There’s more Serious Trouble for you this week!

On this episode, Ken and I discussed more public division among Donald Trump’s legal team — someone close to attorney (and former One America News Network personality) Christina Bobb is making sure reporters hear it was definitely not her fault that she incorrectly told investigators in June that Trump had already handed over all the marked-classified documents remaining at Mar-a-Lago.

Bobb insisted on adding a caveat to her declaration, saying it was based on information provided to her. Bobb likely did that with the intention to insulate herself from legal risk, but Ken says it could actually harm her position, by demonstrating she had good reason to suspect the declaration she provided wasn’t true.

That 26-minute conversation (which includes a more general discussion of what lawyers can do when their clients ask them to do things they shouldn’t) is available to all subscribers, but there’s much more this week for paid subscribers:

  • Ken and I talked about Hunter Biden’s legal predicament, why it would be leaking into the press that federal agents believe there’s enough evidence to charge him with tax and false statement crimes, and the likelihood that he might face indictment after the midterm elections.

  • We talked about a risible defamation suit Donald Trump has filed against CNN.

  • We talked about what you do if you’re a judge or an opposing party when a litigant (such as, hypothetically, Elon Musk) promises he’s finally, really ready to perform on his commitments if you will only please, please, please delay the trial that’s about to start.

  • I made Ken answer several increasingly persnickety questions about venue, or how it’s decided which court a case will be tried in. Venue is the new RICO, it seems.

  • And I recommended an excellent bilingual Canadian comedy that has a dispute over venue as one of its central plot points.

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