Serious Trouble
Serious Trouble
At Least George Was Working
At Least George Was Working
E. Jean Carroll wins a $5 million judgment; George Santos is indicted; Trump is told not to talk about discovery materials

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We’re back with another episode of Serious Trouble!

This week, Ken and I discussed the verdict — and the $5 million judgment — in the Carroll v. Trump case, and whether Donald Trump erred, in retrospect, by not showing up for trial. We also talked about his prospects for appeal (slim) and when E. Jean Carroll can expect to get her money.

We talked about Rep. George Santos, who has been indicted for crimes including unemployment insurance fraud. (How pedestrian!) We talked about his best strategy going forward from this point, and the major bargaining chip he holds — his ability to resign from the office he olds (for now) as part of any plea deal.

And we talked about developments in the New York criminal case against Donald Trump. There is a protective order — don’t call it a gag order — that prohibits him or his lawyers from disclosing materials the government makes available to them in discovery. These orders are pretty standard, and if Trump tries to challenge the order he won’t have much success — though, as Ken notes, the explanation of how an order like this can conform to the First Amendment is pretty fuzzy.

And there is Trump’s effort to remove the case to federal court — Trump is pulling on a pretty thin reed here, and the federal judge handling the motion is letting the state court proceed while he does so, so it’s not likely to do too much to delay the proceedings.

This episode is free for all listeners, and a transcript is available here. If you’re a paying subscriber, we encourage you to join us in the comments section below with any questions or responses.

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