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Serious Trouble
Alex Jones and the Very Good, Totally Brutal Cross Examination

Alex Jones and the Very Good, Totally Brutal Cross Examination

Unlike Alex Jones’s attorney, we did not accidentally share this episode with you

Dear listeners,

Hi, it’s Sara Fay. For some of you, this is the second time today you’re getting a note from me and a Serious Trouble episode. More on that in a minute.

To the rest of you: Hello, and welcome back to Serious Trouble after a short summer break.

In this episode, Ken and Josh discuss the cross examination of Alex Jones yesterday in the trial that will determine the damages for the defamation claim on which he already lost to parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

As that cross examination was getting underway, Josh and Ken and I had just finished recording another episode of this podcast that covered:

  • Some of the other crazy shit happening during this Jones trial (including Alex Jones saying on InfoWars — while the trial was happening — that the judge was acting as if possessed by a demon),

  • A defamation claim against CNN (that was dismissed) from Dr. Stella Immanuel, a hydroxychloroquine-touting medical doctor who also preaches about demons and demon sperm, and strongly feels you should not discuss her preaching when you discuss her medical work, and

  • What it’s like to have nightmare demon clients of the pathological-liar-Anna-Delvey variety.

That 36-minute episode is available now to paid subscribers only. Paid subscribers, you can find that episode right here or in your private podcast feed. Or, if we had you at “demon sperm” and you’re ready to become a paid subscriber, please be my guest.

Anyways, the cross examination: youch.

The headline you may have seen already about it was this: After Jones repeatedly failed to comply with orders to turn over records and documents (to the point that he lost by default because he was so uncooperative), Jones’s lawyer accidentally shared the entire contents of Jones’s phone — including texts about Sandy Hook — with the plaintiffs’ attorney and then failed to take the necessary steps to assert privilege over any of the contents and retract them.

A plot twist too stupid for “Law & Order,” apparently:

Ken and Josh talk about the many reasons why this put Jones’s lawyer in a pretty tough spot. Apparently, this was a user error with the file sharing service Dropbox, and I’d like to flag for you this amazing tweet from the former VP of engineering at Dropbox:

Enjoy the episode, please subscribe if you’d like to hear that premium episode, and we’ll have more Serious Trouble for you soon.


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